Dr. Paul Anderer


Dr. Paul Anderer has been dedicated to supporting individuals and institutions in processes of change over 26 years of practice. The quality of his work has led him to be invited to work in 27 countries and has been recognized by organizations as a leader in the application of resilience science to work, particularly in building institutional programs based on contemplative practices.

He received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver and his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado.


Dr. Anderer focuses on promotion and prevention, although he practices in intervention. Its practice is strongly based on contemplative practices since they are the most powerful evidenced by science for the regularization of individual and institutional health. Dr. Anderer has an individual practice of contemplative states that exceeds 40 years, as well as practicing all areas of wellness.

Although Dr. Anderer’s work is based on applied contemplative states, it integrates other areas of well-being such as sleep hygiene, hydration, nutrition, communication, etc.
In the clinical area, Dr. Anderer focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy based on full mind and other contemplative states since it is the standard of care in psychotherapy.